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* * * 13 Years later and I need to get my music heard * * *

I have been recording and producing my own albums since I was 12 years old, all self taught in pure drive as a poor kid trying to simply go somewhere in life, "get stuff off my chest" and make an avenue for this creative energy inside me at all times.


So here I am 13 years later and im more driven then ever. I NEED MY MUSIC HEARD. Ive talked with grammy award winning producer's that loved my music and have given me great reviews. They have told me, its simply about having that #1 Hit for me. Thats it. Other then that, they say im ready.


My sound has been compared to the Likes of Linkin Park but leaning more towards the rap side. In summary, I would like to connect with YOU. On everything from Liscensing my music, record label talk, to production, to managment, to advertising and advising. I'm humble, I love critique and im so driven to succeed and get my music heard. Will you listen : www.myspace.com/locsaint


 I appreciate your time in reading this, and I value you in trying to help lead me in the right direction, give me a name or number, or give advise. Thank you,


Loc Saint 

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Hey thank you so much for your time in reply.

No, I dont live close to those area's. I live in one of the worst places for music, 1 hour outside of Seattle in Washington state. I have 4 music videos on youtube, I have 2 albums on cdbaby, I have done alot of local gigs, I am in the process of getting a press kit...do you know of any good places that make press kits for artists? No, its definatly not easy.

I thank you for your time and value your help so much! Please get back to me as soon as you can, much love. Sean
LOL. What a small world. Thats where im located, born and raised here in Bellingham. Its a good place for music of a certain genre...definatly, but not mine. I do Rap/Rnb music, and its not big here. I own and run a studio here in town called H2D Studios. You know ive found a couple record labels in seattle and Ive submitted to them, but nothing came from it...as this was about 3-4 years ago.



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