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              SOME of my BOOKS, LINKS & poetry ON THE INTERNET
                                                BY RON PRICE

These three books were put on the Internet in 2002 and 2003 and contain some 6000 pages of content.  In addition I have been able to put over one million words at some 6000 internet sites: forums, discussion sites, poetry sites, essay sites, et cetera. Anyone having questions or comments about this content can contact me at my email address: ronprice9@gmail.com
1. The Emergence of a Baha’i Consciousness in World Literature: The Poetry of   Roger White: 300 pages   http://bahai-library.org/books/white or http://www.juxta.com/main…..download free.

2. Pioneering Over Four Epochs:3000 plus pages. At 75,000 words/book this site has the equivalent of 6 books……. Website: http:// www.users.on.net/~ronprice/

3. Pioneering Over Four Epochs: An Autobiographical Study and a Study in Autobiography: 2600 page, 5 volume book.—readers at eBookMall and Lulu.com will find many an ebook to read—my work of 1800 pages among them. –Ron Price, Tasmania
4. Search Engines: Most major engines, like Google/Yahoo or Ask Jeeves, have dozens of sub-sites with my work.  Just type the words: Pioneering Over Four Epochs or Ron Price or Ron Price poetry/history, religion, et cetera into the search box.

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The attached photo was taken in 2004 just after I had retired from all my FT, PT and casual-volunteer work. In 2004 I had just begun the earliest phase of my new life as a FT writer and poet in northern Tasmania Australia. In the years 1999 to 2004 I began to spend eight hours a day, on average, writing, editing, reading and publishing as an independent scholar. This photo is, then, symbolic of my new life’s activity in my lifespan, in these early years of late adulthood, 60 to 80.
Since no one has replied in the first 3 months this post has been here at Entertainee.com, I will add an item to help place the above in context.-Ron

They came as separate poems and when I had what seemed like a sizeable number, I think it was usually somewhere between about fifty and a hundred, I made them into a little booklet. The plastic binding cost me five dollars at a local Xerox shop; the paper and the ink cartridge had another cost, let's say seven or eight dollars all up. From 1992 to 2004 I produced 53 booklets of some 6000 poems. It works out to a little more than a poem a day. I started writing poems back in 1962 at the age of eighteen with Cathy Saxe who lived in George Town Ontario. Then, in 1980, I started saving the poems I wrote. I was thirty-six at the time. At 48 I became even more serious about poetry. It was then 1992. As far as direction in my poetry was concerned, well, I really didn’t know where it was going. I had, from time to time, several senses or intimations of direction and, after one period of strong intimation in the mid-1990s, I organized my poetry into four time periods, each with a different heading or title drawing on the historical construction of the Shrine of the Bab and its embellishments in the gardens and terraces on Mt. Carmel as my metaphor, my physwical analogue.

I don’t write books of poetry as books. I don’t write them like, say, my autobiography, or my critical work on the study of Roger White's poetry. I don't lay them out like my website, my letters, my essays or my attempts at novels. My poetry has some inner evolution which, even after 42 years, is essentially mysterious.-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Four Epochs, May 12, 2004.

Back in the '80s
I took little interest
in rhyming bed & head:
there were enough, I thought,
banalities in life
without my adding to them.

There was so much
I did not need to know:
the Hang Seng, the FTSE
the price of gold,
the price of a new hoe.

My eye, as Shakespeare said,
was in a fine frenzy rolling
from earth to heaven and
heaven to earth........,with
my imagination bodying forth,
turning things I did know
into a shape, giving them a name,
a habitation--something more
than airy nothing.

Ron Price
May 12 2004
end of document
Keep trying, Deborah. Sorry but I can't help.-Ron
Again, I wish you well from Australia in your efforts to publish.-Ron
May you continue to inspire many with your work.  Thanks for your invitation; I will get back to you when I would like to be interviewed.-Ron
I have been a Baha'i for 52 years, Deborah. My testimonies or testimonials are all from a baha'i perspective.-Ron in Tasmania
I have been a Baha'i for 52 years, Deborah. My testimonies or testimonials are all from a baha'i perspective. I am happy to talk on your show, if it can be arranged.-Ron in Tasmania
Telephone calls are too expensive for me. I am on a pension.-Ron
63824790--this is a number in Tasmania Australia. I don't know what numbers you will have to put before this number;  try to call from 11 a.m. to 11 pm. my time.  I may be sleeping or out, but give it a shot if you want.-Ron
As i write this minute it is: 4:55 p.m. and the area code is: 613-03-63824790
I have now replied at the link provided.-Ron
I am too busy to reply to your many incoming emails, Deborah. I wish you well in your many activities, but you will have to excuse my not replying to your many emails.-Ron Price, Tasmania



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