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Home-the Company-mcbikergear.com (Page Authority = 31)

Biker Leathers are MC Leathers & MC Jackets that are real! These Motorcycle jackets, represent the truth in Biker Jackets. Black Leather Jackets that sing of R&R, true Rocker Jackets. Your MC Biker Gear, your Leathers, Your Biker Gear, 

Work Clothes, Work Boots, Work Shoes, found here, for the Overalls you need! Work Clothing is Work Jackets, in both Ladies and Mens Work Clothes. Best Work Clothes in Working Clothing, MC Biker Gear Work Clothes.

Thriller Novels
 (Page Authority = 21)

This site contains the novels by Steven Nedelton. Steven is  an  accredited  author writing super suspenseful hits  loaded with intrigue and action. Included in his works are: "Crossroads," "The Raven Affair," "Fear!,"  "Tunnel / The Lost Diary and the psycho-thriller "Coma Sins/The Madness of Ben Bluman."

Black Wolf Books, Inc. (Page Authority = 43)
Author Magnolia Belle offers her novels of historical fiction, romance and adventure.  Visitors are invited to read excerpts and watch book trailers. She is also a professional editor of fictional work and can be contacted for the same.


Antellus - Books and Ebooks by Theresa M. Moore (Page Authority = 41)


Yogi Zen Dude ~ Sound Healing (Page Authority = 39)

Sound Healing ~ Raw Food ~ Spiritual Enlightenment ~ Green living


Evelyn David (Page Authority = 35)
Official Website for Mystery Writer Evelyn David, author of Murder Off the Books, Murder Takes the Cake, and The Brianna Sullivan Mystery e-book series.


Vin Lamar singer/songwriter (Page Authority = 35)

Vin Lamar website is an introduction to singer/songwriter Vin Lamar, his debut album, concert dates, links, and contact information.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing Services (Page Authority = 34)
Donna J. Erickson is the author of No-Hassle Publishing: An Author’s Guide to Today’s Changing Industry and the owner of aflairforwriting.com, a writing/editing/and publishing service. She has 24 years of experience in the industry, and her company offers a full array of quality services for individuals and businesses requiring writing assistance, and authors who are self-publishing.


Boomers-Write (Page Authority = 33)
Attention Boomer Writers! Finally, a site just for you to share your memories, stories, articles, poems, photos and videos. Pick a topic and start writing today!


Barbara's Beat (Page Authority = 31)

I blog about family issues that matter to you. I do reviews and giveaways; and find coupons and resources to save money and make life easier.


Indie Gospel Artists (Page Authority = 31)
A non-profit Christian social network. We spread the Gospel through music, promote worthy charities, and provide free Christian resources.


Desla's Creation Jewelry (Page Authority = 28)

All my designs are created because beautiful peeps likeyourself who continue to donate their clutter.. JUNK..from your broken necklaces..shoe strings, belts, buttons, missing earrings, fabric anything that look like I could recreate it and have you wear it..then its DONE!!


Jim France Actor/Singer/Voiceover Artist (Page Authority = 27)

Professional non-union stage and movie actor and singer. British born in Scotland (no Scottish accent) and American by choice. Age range 50 to 100+. Baritone high F#. Extensive experience both on stage and screen. Completed 7th year as the narrator on a Versus TV series "Dangerous Game."



The Life (and lies) of an inanimate flying object (Page Authority = 23)

Book reviews and promotions, interviews, guest posts, excerpts of original fiction, and a variety of other promotional posts.


God's Word TV.com (Page Authority = 21)

Internet Television

Kathy Bruins, Christian Writer and Speaker (Page Authority = 21)
Kathy is a Christian writer and speaker covering many biblical topics such as prayer, leadership and spiritual growth. She is also a ghostwriter of books and articles, with experience writing screenplays and curriculum.

The Official Website for Noah Greenwood (Page Authority = 1)
The Official Website for Noah Greenwood, director's reel, contact information, daily news, acting, etc.

BMP Broken Music Publishing (Page Authority = 1)
Music Publishers and Record Company

Sebastian Burckhardt : Painter and Sculptor (Page Authority = 1)
Beautiful Artworks of the Swiss Painter and Sculptor Sebastian Burckhardt made out of unique sensibility and sophisticated touch.


All Around Fine Artist, Author, and Networker Vlado Franjevic (Page Authority = 0)

Website of fine artist, author, graphic designer and networker Vlado Franjevic who was born 1963 in Croatia and lives since 1993 in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Europe.



An electronical showcase of the creative evolution of an imaginative newage, sexy edgy, style of artwork and poetry by Luis E. Alvarez

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Website of fine artist, author, graphic designer and networker Vlado Franjevic who was born 1963 in Croatia and lives since 1993 in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Europe. Vlado Franjevic collected untill now very much expiriences with the worldwide art shows and participations in culture exchange projects, art colonies and art symposiums. Vlado is a member of Association of Professional Fine Artists of Liechtenstein, he got a yearly schoolarship of Culture Adviser of the Parlament of the Principality of Liechtenstein and as an author won prizes with his poetry. 




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