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I have seldom advertised since I started in the business of music some 30+ years ago professionally here in Nashville.  I would like to offer my best if someone out there is genuinely interested in hearing it straight- since most don't want to hear the truth, I generally wait until I'm asked... but since some don't know I'm willing to help, well... no you can ask me without fear of anything but 'hearing it straight'

If you'd rather you can telephone me here:  615-885-3888

I'm a veteran producer here in Nashville with my own studio. Most folks can't wait to get their music to me, so that I can make it sound like
I moved here over 30 years ago and have made it my aim to help those I can since I have been so blessed (see a partial resume here): http://www.myspace.com/terrywendtproductions
I help those I can, feel free to call me if you are interested in taking your tracks to the next level

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Please take a listen to my work samples (production/studio/steel guitar/other instruments) here:
Hi Terry, I went to your MySpace page and checked out your music and it is exactly what my music is missing, do you have an email I can correspond with you without being on a public post ? Thanks. BENin10D
Certainly! Check you entertainee.com messages :) Terry
Hey Terry,

Is there a certain genre of music that you produce? I have the ideas with my music and some pretty good equipment for home recording(Tascam Digital Portastudio 2488 NEO, Rode NT1-A Condensor Mic) but lack in the field of mastering. I have sent my demo's to multiple studios and the way things seem now, is that you have to have everything legit and set up professionally before anyone takes you seriously, most of which requires money(which I don't have). I have an agent in California, but everything is moving at a very slow pace, most of the responses that I get from record labels or studios is that I need to polish my music, but still have melodic songs as well as good ideas. My music genre is Rap/Rock, if you wouldn't mind to listen and give me some feedback or maybe even some advice it would be much appreciated. You can listen to my music at www.numberonemusic.com/tlee. My contact info is through e-mail(thomas_jameson85@live.com), so hit me up if you get the chance, thanks.


Thomas Lee Jameson Jr.
Hi Terry!

My name is AgniA and I am 16 y.o. I really need your advice and your help. I have a full-length album ( 11 songs) , I have a professional music video. (www.agnia.lv) I am on stage for almost 12 years and now i know what I really want to do in my life. But I don't know how to increase my level. I want to show the world what I can do and I am sure that the world will support me. What should I do now? Can you please help me? I need a professional promotion.

Reply me please

Best whishes,


country is your specially? men



I honestly have to say music, and any style as long as it is good, is my specialty!   I am currently producing one album project that is very reminiscent of 60s-70s Classic Rock.  Another EP I am producing is very spiritual in nature, and likely will fall into a progressive/positive "Dave Mathews" styled Americana genre.  I'm currently working also on a single to be released to International Country Radio.  My experience is primarily with all styles of Country for nearly 35 years in Nashville as a successful pedal steel guitarist, but I've equivalent credits in many other genre's. 

What is your specialty?  I look forward to hearing back from you~

Terry Wendt

Are you open to hip hop music without cursing?



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