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What is your facebook page url and why should I become a fan?

please take a moment to share with the community

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Creative photography that stands out from all the rest. Nothing added to make it something different. Just artistic expression. I work super hard at gaining new clients and developing relationships with older clients! My name will be known! So you should join now:)


Please check us out and become a fan. Help support our cause in eliminating the corruption in the publishing industry by offering legitimate, credible services for authors.
My facebook url is www.facebook.com/people/sharbaby-newport/1846666652 I love to answer any question that a fan has of me. I always write back. there is a little more info on the page about where my next gig will be etc.

Become a fan of 'Jeff Briggs Acting Page' on FaceBook to check out numerous trailers, teasers, clips, episodes, and production stills from various projects I've been involved with recently. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Not only do I post vintage classic rock videos, unusual quotes, pertinent media pieces, strange and unusual news stories, pithy comments and stunning profile pix, I also have a some randomly racy photos in my album that only friends can see.


Musicians and music lovers are my biggest fans. My visual art is complemented by the fact that i am also a musician. I love to paint music, and the joy and pain that comes with it.

My FB fab page:
it is because i'm the realest n*gga u muthaphukn know! - Trick Daddy
terry boykin jr on facebook

This is the Facebook page of the "Indie Gospel Artists" network - http://artist.to/iga/

We house many original songs and videos from Independent Gospel Artists. From world class performers, to unknown "garage bands", all styles and skill levels are represented.

We are a non-profit Christian social network. We spread the Gospel through music, promote worthy charities, and provide free Christian resources - join us.

Suu Art Magazine was created to create the largest online catalog of Artists International.
In Suu Art Magazine will gather more considered works of artists from around the world, focusing on museums, galleries, collectors, art lovers and the general public where artists will display their different expressions.

We invite you to enjoy the wonderful world of art.

Born to be the largest online catalog of Artists International.
We invite you to enjoy the wonderful world of art.

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