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What is your twitter url and why should I follow you?

please take a moment to share with the community

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My twitter url is http://twitter.com/pivtrfoundation.
I post all of the station's Passionate World Radio, Inc., shows so you'll won't miss a single episode.
If you are into the art of photography and want to learn how to become successful with it, follow me here... http://twitter.com/#!/dominickjr
I'm an artist.........www.deviantart.com/passjay
My twitter URL is http://twitter.com/#!/ravenwolfsmoon
my blogs and my webpages link to twitter.
Let's try this again. How about http://twitter.com/ravenwolfsmoon
If you like to cook and/or read then you won't be sorry that you follow me. I write cookbooks but also do book reviews. To my site A Book and A Dish I post my reviews as well as the author's favorite recipe. So if you are a reader/cook or a cook/reader I think you will find my site(s) worth following.
I am a writer. Even worse, I am an old writer. I was a writer when analogue was king. In my era, when someone communicated digitally, it only required holding up one finger, but it was extremely effective communication. Sometimes the digital communication following the single finger was all five fingers clenched together tightly and swung at a rapid velocity toward your nose.

During that era, I lived with a telephone stuck in one ear. I spent hours and hours on the damn thing. Then Motorola, (God Bless their pointed little heads) developed a mobile radio system that was affordable for small and medium sized businesses and it was stuck under my dashboard. I couldn't escape. Every time I turned around some one wanted to waste my time with nonsensical chit chat that kept me away from doing whatever I was supposed to be doing in the first place. Things only got worse when the brick made the scene. Yeah, I actually had a talking brick that I toted around in public. It looked cooool. It showed my friends how important I was. It made it easier for people to get in touch with me......which they did......constantly...... when I was eating or sleeping or hiding out or visiting a girl friend or on the potty, the damn thing rang.

When phones got smaller it did get a little easier for a brief window of time. It kept me in touch with the folks I needed to talk to and thanks to the little window that showed who was calling, gave me the opportunity to not answer if I so chose. I still could not escape though. It still rang or buzzed or vibrated irritatingly in its neat little leather pouch on my belt.

A number of years ago. I sold my company and quit writing technical material. I wanted to lay back and exercise my skills as a fiction writer. The damn thing buzzed and beeped and vibrated worse than ever from people who needed just one more thing before I quit. It lasted for months. Finally one day I got a call from a party that I'd actually done a favor for at no charge and it hadn't worked out the way he wanted it to. He called and insisted that I do a SERVICE CALL for free. At least that was where the conversation was headed when I quietly closed the phone and pitched it out my pickup window.

It was the last time I have used a mobile communications device. I do not intend to begin again, so in answer to your question:
1. I don't twitter, fritter or liter.(unless you consider tossing the phone out at forty miles an hour.)
2. There is no reason to follow me, I'm not there.
3. If you need me call me on my majic jack. I answer all calls once a week whether I need to or not.
4. If it is an emergency, leave me a message. There is a little box in the top right hand corner that says messages. I usually get those before I get my phone messages.

Thanks for reading,

Yours is the best reply I have read. Thank you for the entertaining read.

Interesting tweets for the sweet! :) xoxo


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My twitter URL is: www.twitter.com/nachase. You should follow me because I am a helpful fellow. I am currently a producer / director / writer / engineer with my own production company. Worked for a post-house in Hollywood for ten years as technical consultant / engineer to the stars and creative ones.

Now I'm writing for pay and shooting videos for various clients (Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Charles Barkley, Ray Romano @ Celebrity Classic Golf Tournaments etc), in the SF Bay Area, and hanging out with brilliant online marketers in 'listening-mode'.

Respectfully, Nicholas Chase - Producer / Director / Writer



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