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What is your twitter url and why should I follow you?

please take a moment to share with the community

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follow me on twitter to find out first when I have up coming public shows, new blog entries, new magic videos posted and more.
My twitter pages are:

www.twitter.com/rodrigodearaujo - personal usage (potuguese)
www.twitter.com/blogosferico - cultural news site that i own (portuguese)

Google Translator can be used to read it. Thank you.

If you enjoy reading and cooking, you can't beat A Book and A Dish where I post my review as well as the author's favorite recipe.  If you enjoy simple dishes you will enjoy my site Stir, Laugh, Repeat and if you want to know more about my cookbook you can read reviews by going to Stir, Laugh, Repeat the Cookbook


If you are looking for a career change, i will show you how to change you life... http://twitter.com/#!/dominickjr

My Twitter URL



Follow me, cause I talk about just about anything. I am a A Freelance Writer on a Mission!

Ghostwriting Blogs & Original Content Articles Blogging, Product Reviews, Jewelry, Gemstone and Crystals as well as Relationships, WAHM or work at home and many other subjects.

Oh and if you like recipes, I tweet links to them a lot, so you might find something good to eat or drink as well.


I also have some cosmetology training. Experience in stage makeup, performing on stage as an actress, singer and dancer and I modeled for a while in college.

My twitter: http://twitter.com/destinationdawn


I follow back!!! :]

Hi..because i will change your life for the better with my book..





I have 216,000 followers and am the most followed person in New England.

I've written a book, The Book of Twitter, about how to get twitter followers and use twitter effectively.


My url is https://twitter.com/#!/Ernie_Cordell and I'm not altogether sure why my rambling diversity appeals to you, but you invited me, so you could share with us and we could all do on purpose what I seem to be doing right by accident :)

http://www.twitter.com/deondriea you should follow me to receive real time news, information, promotions and inspiration. 

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