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What is your youtube channel url and why should I subscribe?

please take a moment to share with the community

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I don't have one... yet.
We have created 59 videos so far and also hold weekly TV shows in which we offer a vibration that will remind you of your own simplistic truth ~ your original true nature. We are teachers of the new consciousness that is transforming humanity. All you need is an idea of where you are, and where you want to be and we will guide you to reconnecting to your purpose and passion. We provide daily motivational quotes, videos and information that will keep you in GOOD Vibrations... attracting to you the life you deserve!

Youtube Channels:

Community Sites:


Here you can view my video trailer for my book, "No-Hassle Publishing: An Author's Guide to Today's Changing Industry." I wrote the book to teach new authors about the publishing industry and to help them avoid getting scammed.

a tribute to the life and legacy
of Mile Dewey Davis

hope that you should enjoy



My son is a blossoming artist. His videos are entertaining & engaging. Don't take a father's word for it, check it out. My favorites are "Oh Snap" & "Multiple Me." He also shares a page on my website: http://wordwulf.weebly.com

I guess that's my url... not too great at all of this stuff.... sedonajody is the channel name instead of Jody Jaress.

Anyway.... why should you subscribe? Because my lists are diversified and you're curious!

Thanks for considering my youtube interests.

Make those dreams come true!
You'll enjoy my Youtube channel. It's http://youtube.com/mboyamusic
I'm a jazz pianist who has studied with some of New Orleans top jazz musicians. I had the honor of studying under famed jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis, father to one some of jazz's most accomplished musicians and a great artist in his own rite. I was deeply affected by my time in New Orleans. A lot of the compositions on my youtube channel convey my perception of New Orleans, as well as other influences. I'm always trying to utilize the lessons learned from some of the masters from whom I gained valuable insights. And I think my music reflects that. Check out the channel and hear for yourself. I also have a website, http://mpiano.webs.com with more of my music.

Chile, tha's like sittin' on Bourbon St., lettin the good times roll!
With a Ruger Blackhawk .357 under her pillow and a Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker rifle in her broom closet, Detective Leslie Bolt's sarcastic attitude and inability to trust, alienates her from most people. Leslie must conquer her past to capture the "State Quarter Killer" before her sister is the next victim. Check out the book trailer. The awesome music is provided by the "D" Railers.

Author - Victoria Roder www.victoriaroder.com

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqcYL_G7h7s
I have no music, other than the music of words. check out my website www.thesacredfemale.com
You tube is World Wide, first of all. When you go to my youtube site and see the show I really think everything else speak for itself. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/sidekickshow



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