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My fav actor in RSC is Amanda Roots - best I think .
In FRG it is Andreas Seifert - good also Amberger.
US - I dunno ???? I love Nicola Peltz - I think I fell in love with her watching Legend of Aang in 3 D 10 times now or so. Best actor prob. .... Gary Cooper ?? Never seen him, though ... or ... your doctor ( hm, everything is fine ! ( swallows ) ) ???
How did I beckon myself ????
O, excuse me, how did I reckon myself I meant ...
Adam Sandler...He works with the hottest women!
F. Sandra Bullock - portrays a great depth of humanity, I think beyond Julia Roberts.
M. It used to be Gary Sinese, until he sold out to CSI. He is a man of a thousand characters and now plays but one.
Now, maybe Kevin Bacon who gets the depth of the role he is playing, be it good guy or bad guy and I would put his dancing up against Travolta!
Gabreille Union,
is my favorite actress she have proven that she can play any part.
Anthony Anderson,
Is my favorite actor he is
funny, and can play a serious role and comedy also
Favorite actor - Denzel Wshington. I like the way he brings a character to life for me.

Favorite actress - Sandra Bullock. Sandra comes across as very believable, no matter what character.
My favorite Actress is Juile Andrews...
she can do everything!!!!
her singing is amazing... she really knows how to make the character she is playing pop
i also like Nicolas Cage... he is an artist!! ^_^
My favorite Actress is Halle Berry. She does a good job at making you feel the situation. My favorite Actor is Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. They are so full of Drama!!!!!

Anthony Hopkins,
Great range and total professionalism and he's a decent bloke!
Paul Balmer



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