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Why did you decide to go into the entertainment industry?

please share.

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For my love for God ...and the music :)
Hello Brother
This is Abhishek Masih from Indore. I am into post production work for corporate videos and music videos. My dad is a pastor and we have a small ministry of Christian news paper www.masihat.com.
What software you use for music creation?
I use a couple of things. Steinberg Nuendo/Cubase is my studio soft- I use Reason and Abelton, also have others~ Guitar Rig for amplifiers, Drumagog for drum sounds, have Real Guitar and tons of other plugins. About three dozen or more synthisizers. I've been collecting stuff forever so I use pretty much whatever is needed for the particular song I am working on.
When I was about 5 years old, I was walking down an old country road in Tennessee with my mom and dad. My mom was singing the old Freddie Hart classic, "Easy Lovin'". I remember she told me "Yer Daddy wrote that song."
Well, that was it for me! Like all 5 year olds, my dad was my hero, and if he was a songwriter, I was going to be a songwriter too! I remember hearing it on the radio later, and thinking how cool it was that MY DAD had written it!
And so a dream was born!
I found out later that my dad DID NOT write that song... I'm guessing that was when mom and dad still liked each other, or maybe they'd had a late night the night before....LOL.... But it was too late. The dream was there, and it's been there ever since. I might never get a song on the radio, but I guess I'll keep trying as long as I live.
Feel free to stop by and have a listen to a few country songs when you get time. Not many things I like as much as sharing my music with folks who love Country Music.
When 13 I read The virgin of St. Orleans in school and also The Lord of the Rings in English ( in my first year of English ).Then I saw some plays in the Frankfurt Theater as my dad got free tickets as he knew the theater chief.I think Hamlet or so.Then I went to LA with 14 and met my family who was working there in it and spent some weeks there.Then I saw more and more plays read more and more books, listened to Oldfield, Floyd, Jarre, etc..I saw 2000 plays over the time 20 000 movies in English in the cinema, over 1000 with the crew, and listened 24 h to Floyd etc, also Bach and it rolled me into dancing in disco to it.I started merging skiing biking into a show sort of and climbing and we got a Jeep now and do expeditions.I experienced God and feel I have to reach people about it and media is a tool.I think it was really with 13 when I decided that text and how it is spoken and later photos and film song dance and act is most important meaning is created by language, art, that is unique.We arethat meaning , it is our power of thought and understanding - it is our consciousness and our self.

I have to run ... I left the fireballs to themselves ! Oh,, sh...
I am a writer because i just can't stop myself from doing it. not that i want to....
Cosaundra Chapple
Fort Smith,Ar.

I am a member of Black Author showcase,
someone suggest I should be a member of
For me, this was pretty simple. My father wrote, produced, and directed dramatic films while I was growing up. At the age of 8, I was "killed" by a hit-and-run driver, while riding my bike. But...since the film I was in was being shot in black and white, the blood that ran from my nose, ear, and mouth came from a chocolate syrup bottle.

To say I was hooked on filmmaking at an early age would be an understatement. And I've found that, once it's in your blood, you can't get it out.

Author Web Site http://www.maxbooks.9k.com Books For Boys Blog http://booksandboys.blogspot.com

Max Elliot Anderson
Growing up my family allways played music I thought it was fore fun until I started seeing folk's come around that I had saw on TV or listed two on the radio. And my Big Brother and Brother inlaw was on the road with them and I said hey are you and then saw my first show at 10yrs.old and said that's fore me
I plan to share all my experience here. I need a time to organize all the things.

I had a long time working at Globo TV, with others indepentent producers, Internet TV Projects, etc.

I think this comunity could be a reference for all of us.

I never decided and I would never recommend it. It, more or less, picks you. Then it keeps bugging you.
No choice really -

my dad was a drummer - I joined a band aged 11 when the regular guy failed to turn up for a gig. All the best
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