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Words for Bilstein's B6 shock absorber, the driving style has changed, the support force better than the original several times, no longer nod when the brake, the acceleration will not rise, the transmission shaft does not have to Accelerated deceleration when the perpetrators of moving all the way up and down activities, the transmission is also more natural and more powerful, but the so-called "pull the body and move the body", shock absorber upgrade after a significant increase in handling performance fit audi s6 air suspension bag, some of the original inadequacies Also become intolerable, such as brakes, many riders are chatting on the group when the Picasso's braking performance deeply satisfied and so on, it is only because of the soft suspension and through a large front pressure, forced tire to enhance the grip caused. But after the shock absorber fit bmw 5 series rear suspension air bag, such a reduction in pressure, brake performance is inevitable, so later upgraded to AP Racing the CP8530 before the brake system, the rear wheel is Dixcel's scribe line with Premier Europe car brake Skin, in the upgrade before and after the brake system, the last said some of the "only for the shock machine and did not change the spring due to lack of support force" becomes more obvious, especially the Chinese version of the model was just 20mm higher, Even after the replacement of the B6 shock absorber fit bmw e61 rear suspension air bag is still slightly less sense of fear and lack of support of the problem, for the movement of short spring naturally become inevitable choice.

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