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Configuration to enhance the tiger 7 2.0L version

Recently, we learned from the Chery Automobile official, Tiggo 7 2.0L CVT Yao Ling version of the model will be officially listed on February 21. The new car in the 2.0L CVT Yao Zhen version of the model on the basis of a small increase, the appearance of the changes are mainly reflected in the headlamps and wheels, the power system is still using 2.0L engine matching CVT gearbox fit Mitsubishi Triton chra in the form.
The appearance of the new car is basically the same as the sales model, Yao Zhen version of the halogen headlamps in the Yao Ling version will be facelift for the xenon headlamps, while Yao Zhen version is also equipped with a 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, the appearance of more compelling. Interior parts, the new car for the seat support was upgraded, and the use of leather cover, to enhance the ride comfort fit VT16 Turbo chra.
In the configuration, the new car is equipped with keyless entry / start, ABS anti-lock, body stability control, uphill auxiliary, panoramic sunroof, cruise control, reversing images, GPS navigation, induction wipers, automatic air conditioning. At the same time, the new car compared to 2.0L CVT Yao Zhen version of the model to increase the welcome lights, car interior lights and trunk storage boxes and so on. Power, the new car continues to carry 2.0L naturally aspirated engine fit VAD20022 Turbo chra, the maximum power of 122 horsepower (90kW), the peak torque of 180 cattle meters, with the matching CVT gearbox.

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