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Control of Precipitated Stainless Steel Pipe Dregs

1, refining slag control inclusions form control mainly rely on refining slag to achieve, inclusions by a number of factors such as raw materials, alloys, refractories, smelting equipment, smelting process.bobina de acero inoxidable precio - EastasiaMetal

Can be broken from the wire shape, broken wire start with electronic probe and graphic analyzer analysis of inclusions. At the same time, the limited control of LF refining inclusions can be used to reduce the effect of inclusions on the quality of inclusions by electrolysis and metallographic analysis.Stainless steel exports,Stainless steel suppliers,Stainless Steel M...

2, the total oxygen content and inclusions size, the number of control International cold drawn precision stainless steel tube is the most commonly used standard is the standard, the inclusion of steel in the total oxygen content ≤ 3.0 × 10 -6; Inclusions greater than 2% of the diameter of the wire will be processed will lead to wire in the cold drawn and the process of brittle fracture.304 Large Diameter Seamless Stainless Steel pipe

To this end, the maximum size of the inclusions, the general requirements <φ15μm, finer silk and high-strength cord requirements inclusions diameter is less than 2% of steel diameter. In addition the number of inclusions according to different intensity levels, different cold drawn precision stainless steel pipe diameter requirements, generally to control the 1000 / cm2 below.Vacuum Furnaces,Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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