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Sources Marlins Stanton Have $325M Deal In Place - RealGM Wiretap

The Miami Marlins have a 13-year Lance Alworth Chargers Jersey , $325 million deal in place with Giancarlo Stanton, according to sources.

The deal could keep Stanton under contract through his age 38 season.

Stanton, 25, will receive a crucial early opt-out clause in addition to a no-trade provision, according to sources.

The deal is the largest in North American sports history, eclipsing Alex Rodriguez's $275 million contract with the New York Yankees.

Astros To Sign Mark Appel For $635M - RealGM Wiretap

The Astros have agreed to sign first overall pick Mark Appel to a $6.35 million deal.

According to Baseball America, the figure falls below the suggested slot value for the No. 1 pick ($7.79M).

Appel, who is advised by Scott Boras Dan Fouts Chargers Jersey , was drafted last year by the Pirates at No. 8 but ultimately did not sign.

How To Study Effectively – Ten Relaxation Techniques To Melt Away The Stress July 6, 2013 | Author: Lachlan Haynes | Posted in Education

Stress is ever present in our daily lives and unfortunately it’s become almost commonplace to be stressed out by school, work, family, relationships, financial issues, and so on. But we owe it to ourselves to de-stress so we can lead healthy and happy lives! One of the tried and tested methods to de-stress is relaxation via meditation – the continued benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again by countless people. But in order to receive the full benefits of meditation, we need to devote a significant amount of time and dedication Drew Kaser Jersey , which may not be feasible due to the grind of daily life. So what do you do then? Well, you improvise! The following are ten ways to relax without having to meditate.

1. Hug genuinely, and often. Of course, when you give a hug, you’re also receiving one! This simple connection can surprisingly lift a lot of tension from our bodies. Can you recall ever feeling the urge to hug someone who has been through a rough time? That’s because we naturally want to aid those for whom we care – and hugs can truly relax someone dealing with a lot of stress.

2. Interrupt your daily routine. Taking the same route to the bus stop, buying coffee from your local cafe, or getting the same sandwich for lunch – this may all seem very familiar and fall within your comfort zone, but familiarity breeds contempt Matt Slauson Jersey , as they say. Try taking yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Take the longer route to the bus stop, check out the cute little coffee shop tucked away in the corner, or try a wrap instead of a sandwich. These are the sorts of experiences that will break you out of your habit and open you up to new horizons, and help you to get into a stress free mindset.

3. Take a hot bath. This will grant you the trifecta: physical, emotional, and mental relief! Not only are you providing deep relaxation to your muscles, but also you are granting yourself a nice, quiet session in the tub Brandon Mebane Jersey , away from the world and all about you.

4. Try watching your mind. Spot the stressors lurking just below the surface (hunger, worry, a phone call you need to make), and you can resolve them and feel more relaxed. If you practice this mindfulness exercise, it may become one of your favorite relaxation techniques.

5. Try laughing. The saying ‘laughter is the best medicine’ is there for a reason! Laughing will help you to relax and unwind. If you’re struggling to find anything funny to laugh about, ask a friend for a good joke or a funny story! The internet is always a good source for jokes and other funny TV shows and movies which you can easily watch to get your funny bone going. You can also check out many shows by comedians on YouTube.

6. Use relaxing music. Listening to calm, soothing music can really help you to unwind. Relaxation music can be easily found on the internet and on video sites such as YouTube with a simple Google search. If you want to relax on the go, you can download relaxation music to your iPod or make a CD and listen to it whenever it suits you. The point is to make it as accessible as possible Dontrelle Inman Jersey , so you can relax at any time and in any place!

7. Get out. The environment we’re in can be a huge cause of stress if we allow a lot of negative energy to build up around us. Simply step outside the room and walk down a hallway, get outside during lunchtime for a short walk, or choose a different room where you can work, and you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed.

8. Breathe deeply. Deep breathing is a quick fire meditation method, and can be extremely effective. Count slowly to five while inhaling through your nose, and do the same while breathing out. It helps to keep your eyes closed while doing this, as then you are solely focusing on your breath. Repeat this for as many times as you want to until you feel calmer – it works wonders!

9. Sip some herbal tea. There are many herbal teas out there – chamomile, lavender Tyrell Williams Jersey , and Valerian root are just a few. If you don’t care for these, just trying a simple cup of non-caffeinated hot tea can be relaxing (add honey if you’re feeling fun). Try using a straining ball with fresh herbs for the most flavor and potency.

10. Go for a walk. If you have five or ten minutes to spare, walking is one of the best relaxation techniques. While you’re at it, find a pretty place to walk. No point walking near dumpsters or people smoking cigarettes. See if you can find somewhere calming (think trees, flowers, lakes and birds).

Stress levels and how stress is handled varies from person to person. Some people just naturally have a more ‘stressed’ personality than others. But whatever your personality type is, it’s important to deal with stress in the gentlest way possible – rather than forcing .

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