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Passives no longer have upgrade flames

and deck builder.Loading Screen Update.Recommended star moved to hero barHUD now shows numerical value for shield.Updates to style in Settings Menu.Visual updates to deck slot  NBA 2K18 MT purchase flow and UI.Decimals on ability panel are removed.Moved "character

over limit" message for chat entry to more readable location.Passives no longer have upgrade flames.Removing the legacy code that allowed players to adjust mouse sensitivity using comma  Cheap NBA 2K18 MT and period. This was added before we have menu options to adjust this type of thing.Updated Master Challenge node tooltips on purchase to update the locked state of rewards.AUDIOIncreased minion volume on attacks.

Made a pass on ambient and environment sounds.Updated the “Last Hit” sound on minions.Enemy impact sound volume reduced.ALL HEROESUpdated Select Screen animations for Sparrow, Grux, Howitzer and Gideon.Extended Recall animations for Kallari, Muriel Gideon, Sparrow and Steel to prevent them from popping back into idle before teleporting. WELCOME TO https://www.mmogo.com/

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