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Redemption 2 has been delayed a little bit

Here's a little more information about the game courtesy ofmynintendonews.com, though in truth we're still a little confused...• At least 20 different kind of Magikarp to collect• Buy decorations for your Magikarp tank which have various bonuses• Microtransactions: 50 Diamonds: £ NBA 2K MT  250 Diamond: £4.99, 550 Diamonds: £9.99, 1,200 Diamonds £19.99, 2,150 Diamonds £33.99• After each world, you get a badge and the game will save an image for you to share about your victory.

Currently, 6 badges to collect• Pokémon you can unlock as support are Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, Slowpoke, Litten, Rowlet, Popplio, Piplup, Meowth and Bulbasaur. Poplup Buy NBA 2K MT  Meowth and Bulbasaur unlock as you complete other worlds, the rest require purchasing• When you lose, your Magikarp is released into the wild but it will sometimes come back in the background but you have to capture a new one and begin the world again.Hopefully, the game will come to the UK iTunes storeSearch For ‘FIFA’  

Daily Star Red Dead Redemption 2 release date delay explained by Rockstar parent company Take-Two Earlier this week, Rockstar games confirmed the inevitable, that Red Dead Redemption was to be delayed with the release date pushed back from Holiday 2017 to "Spring 2018."The game, currently listed as in development for PS4 and Xbox One (but not PC), was originally scheduled to release on both consoles later this year, but as with most Rockstar games, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed a little bit WELCOME TO https://www.mmogo.com/

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